Friday, 12 May 2017

Money Matters

My eye has just caught sight of a verse, it read:-
 ‘It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness’

Later watching a TV programme about people in debt I thought about that. There is no joy in being in debt in fact it is a real kill-joy!

But is debt something we really like to talk about? When I meet with friends we talk about what we have been up to and people seem happy to talk about what they have just brought and the holiday they have just had and we might like to share a problem or two, but from my experience few of us like to discuss our money matters (unless there is plenty of it of course!)

I remember a few years ago a friend asking me how our business was going. We are in the business of construction, and back in 2008 as you may well be aware, there was a crash and it affected us quite badly. It had taken a while for the backlash of it to emerge, but it had left us struggling, not a nice place to be in. It certainly was no fun so I just started to reply, ‘well we were having a bit of a slump’ when she immediately changed the subject.

If I am honest I was glad she did. I couldn’t lie to her and say we were doing great, but at the same time I didn’t want to admit money was a problem. For some reason it made me feel like a bit of a failure. We had had our business about three years, it had all been going swimmingly. But you have to keep an eye on things. I should have made some cutbacks much sooner, but I didn’t. I could have kicked myself!  

But kicking myself would not solve our problem. It had to be sorted. I have faith, I knew we could do this, and as I prayed in my mind’s eye a plan soon unfurled itself.
We needed to cut our cloth by a third. There were obvious things we could do.  Eating out in the city was replaced by a meal down the local, and I was surprised as it was just as much fun. We still treated ourselves to a take away once a week too, but it was with a Chinese from the supermarket rather than the takeaway. Who cares if you have to heat it at home?

The next step was quite a test. I got out our latest bank and credit card statements and I went through every item.
The ones that were essential e.g. gas electric mortgage/rent got a tick.
The ones that were not essential were circled. I felt I should total up all these non-essentials.
 It was quite staggering!
The next time I went shopping as I picked something off the rack I felt something prompt me.
‘Do you really need this? Does your life depend upon it?’

It really humbled me.

So if you need to make a few cut backs take the test. You need to be the master of your money not the slave.

‘We end up buying things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people who don’t care. The freedom to decide your destiny is determined by what you owe not what you earn.’  
(UCB Word For Today)   

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