Monday, 14 November 2011

Yours Truly

I felt my spirit stirring again today, you know like it was trying to remind me of something? I sighed; I knew exactly what it was referring to, ‘My so-called diary!’ Well to be fair things have been kind of hectic since I finished writing it as I have become so engrossed in a new venture of mine called ‘Beauty and Belief.’
Yes believe it or not my life has taken a new turn, or rather I should probably say, I have a new twist to my storytale, as I found myself somehow launched back into the beauty business! I have to say launched because it happened so quickly. Thoughts started to take shape as I finished the so-called diary so I made a few suggestions to my daughter and her friends. Before I knew it I had a group of young girls at my house! I am now hopefully inspiring them to learn ‘to love the skin they are in’ and with a little help from above endeavour to assist them with their thought patterns. As I explained to them, ‘We need to train our minds with good thoughts instead of draining our minds with bad thoughts so that we actually get that feel-good-factor.’ We then finished off the session with the girls giving each other a bit of pampering by feeding their faces with some gooey skin creams and compared it with feeding their faces with some gooey sweets. (Also much better for the stomach I think!)
I also think the sessions are proving:-
You feel better about yourself when you do something nice for somebody else rather than yourself. We then established that there is a difference between how you see yourself and how other people see you and that there is also a difference between what you believe to be true about yourself and what actually the truth is.
As I am writing this revelation I have suddenly been reminded of something else too, to a time in my book (On Earth as it is In Heaven) when the Spirit, (or what I like to refer to as ‘my inner angel’) kept prompting me, ‘To think about it.’ So today I thought about it, and as I did my mind flew back to a day of writing my diary back in 2008, when I suddenly remembered that prayer. Let me share:-

Day 3

I had prayed last night about the keys to unlock the Kingdom of Heaven. As I prayed, I felt the Spirit stir and say, ‘To achieve your purpose in life you need to live in God’s will. Living in God’s will is the only way to achieve the best life that the good Lord had planned for you.’
 I pondered, so were there special keys to help me to achieve this? Well this morning the Lord directed me to Psalm 19 v 7-11. By directing me I mean my bible literally fell open at this page and my eyes were directed to the following verses:-
The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.
The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.
The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever.
The ordinances of the Lord are sure and altogether righteous.
They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.
By them your servant is warned; in keeping them there is great reward.

As I read I felt that warm glow flow through me again. Were these kingdom keys?
 ‘Lord, are you listening to me?’ I prayed, ‘I need you to explain. You are the only person who knows what is right for me. I know I am not perfect. You are the only perfect person that ever walked this earth. So will you please help me? I want to make my life worthwhile, lead my best life from now on. Only you know how I can achieve it and take hold of it.’
I then heard His voice reply quite clearly, in such a matter-of-fact way, ‘As you wish my child.’
Sometimes it can be so annoying, here I am worrying about getting everything right and living in His will and He has this way of making everything sound so simple, like I had just asked Him for a nice piece of cake! Suddenly this thought goes through my head, ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it,’ Well it doesn’t take rocket science to know where that came from does it? That old enemy he so does like to sneak up on us. What a kill-joy! Well I’m having none of that! ‘Shut up! Get out of here!’ I snapped, ‘It’s just a saying it does not mean anything. You’re trying to make me sound like one of those pessimists. I am an optimist!’ (As I was taught when I became a sales consultant)
The Lord then proceeded to give me a little bit of a sermon, ‘My ways are different. My teaching is different. With me everything is different, but rest assured it is a much nicer way,’ He declared.
 I felt a bit embarrassed then, but to my amazement He started to laugh and, can you believe it, He told me to lighten up!
‘Not all good people are good all the time. Not all bad people are bad all the time. You each have good and bad in you. So lighten up, the good news is, through Christ you become much better!’

Day 4

 What are your thoughts? Do you need to lighten up a bit? Can you laugh at yourself or are you hard on yourself?
Would you like the Lord to help you?
Well why not write down what you want to say? Then pray.
Try to do it everyday!

Well I hope that will give you thoughts for today.
Yours Truly,

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Fuel for Thought

I had been having one of those weeks where you feel like shouting, ‘Give me a break will you?’ You know what I mean? It had all stemmed from my car having a bit of a breakdown. To cut a long story short it had escalated so much so that by the end of the week I felt it had been treated to a complete makeover, and not the kind of person to be outdone I started to smart and think about how I would like to treat myself  to a few things too! My thoughts then took another twist and got so extravagant that I just had to switch off. Sadly some thoughts could not take place, not today anyway, or I would end up breaking the bank too and that would never do!
The week before had been so different, quite momentous (well to me anyway) I had finally finished my second book; well it isn’t really a book, more like a diary. It’s just about what I do each day and my heavenly encounters along the way. But now that I have finally finished it I haven’t a clue what to do with it! Words of advice have been, ‘it’s a bit big for one book are you sure it’s not two?’ followed by 'there are so many devotionals out there' and then another advised 'thats great, it sounds like a work book.' Heaven help me! In my quandary I felt when in doubt do nothing. ‘Doubt’ I shuddered, I don’t like that word, but I have to confess I am having second thoughts so perhaps I should just sit on it for a while. Wait until I hear ‘the Master’s voice,’ so to speak.
Then something funny happened, as I drew it to a close, the thought went through my mind that a problem shared is a problem halved, and then I felt a jolt in my Spirit as I was reminded of the word, ‘SHARE’
 I hesitated. Well I suppose I could share an extract from this so-called diary. I giggled as I read it, back then in March 2008 I had been hesitant about writing it, now I was hesitant about sharing it! Well as sharing is biblical here goes!

Day 1

I kept praying, “Lord, are you absolutely sure you want me to write this diary thing? Why on earth would people be interested in what I do each day? I really can’t see the point to all this!” I argued.
The next day I met my Christian friend for breakfast, we got chatting about this and that, as you do and she just suddenly blurted out “I think you should write down your thoughts each day. You maybe should keep some kind of journal. You shouldn’t just stop writing now your book is finished.”
I sighed, it seemed like she was answering my prayer, but if that was not enough, a couple of days later, (Mothers Day actually) as I unwrapped my daughter’s gift I got really emotional, she had given me a writing book, she had decorated the cover beautifully and inside she had written, ‘May these pages be filled with your stories and books, and also include God’s love and wisdom. That God will show you more visions for ideas and that He will always be in your heart.’  
‘Ok Lord’ I said, wiping a tear from my eye, ‘I give in! I will do it, but there is no way I am calling it a diary, we will have to call it something else.’
 I sensed the Lord laughing; it was as if He had known all along that I would do it. “Call it what you wish,” He said. “I am just happy you are continuing your mission. Just write each day, and then all will become clear. Never fear, just keep me near.”
So obviously, I obeyed and as per usual He was right. It took over a couple of weeks for me to fathom out why, but I eventually got the revelation and realized what it was all about. To tell you the truth I felt a bit bad, He was actually paying me quite a big honour.
That night I prayed, ‘Lord why are you being so nice to me? I really don’t deserve it.’
For some reason I felt He disagreed, I had the vision of Him putting that crown on my head again. As I lay snuggled under the covers I felt just like a child. As if someone was soothing me and stroking my head. Was it the angels? I felt sure a feather had just brushed my cheek. It was then I heard the sound, rather like a lullaby and it all got quite heavenly. I felt I was on a real high. I felt so loved and so precious, ‘Like I had been kissed from above.’
“Do not be anxious child,” I heard Him say, “Just follow me. My ways are simple you will see.  Just trust in me, remember what I told you.” I smiled, thanks for reminding me Lord; - 
Hold onto your thoughts they will give you a bright future.
Hold onto me I will give you the desires of your heart
I have given you the keys to unlock my kingdom
For your visions are true and will be foretold.

Day 2

Now it’s your turn. How do you feel today? Do you have something to say? Would you like to pray? Why not take a step of faith, if you are reading this then I think the Lord wants to spend time with you too. So why not add fuel to your thoughts and let your pen lead the way, see where God endeavours to take you. 
To new heights and heavenly encounters! 
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Monday, 15 August 2011

Raising Our Nation

Listening to the news over the last few days I feel compelled to put my thoughts to paper when the question was asked, 'Why has this happened in our nation?' regarding the riots that have been sweeping through some of our major cities.
I want to share a little story with you; in 2007 I had what I will only describe as a 'heavenly encounter.' Following this I felt something stirring me to write a book. To be honest the idea seemed ludicrous but eventually after several other visits to this ‘heavenly place’ I finally took the plunge and last year I eventually got the book, ‘On Earth As it is in Heaven’ published.  
What has that got to do with anything you might ask? Well I believe someone breathed on this book and unfolded some events that have now recently come to pass. I have to be honest I feel quite sad. Our Great British nation is now almost on its knees, it seems to have lost all sense of what is valuable, so why should we expect anything less from our youth? The people in power have not exactly set a good example to them have they?
Many people in our nation had such high hopes for a better future.
The banks were lending money left right and centre and sadly our so 'politically correct county' soon became consumed with greed. And who has this greed affected really badly? Those who are now so desperately in need! Many parents are being forced to work long hours for very little pay, consequently leaving their children free to do as they please; roaming the streets, forming gangs and generally getting into trouble. Sadly the support these children so desperately needed from their parents is now only available from each other. This has formed a crack in the family infrastructure and to cut a long story short, what happens to little cracks? They get bigger and bigger, until eventually something breaks.
Our nation is at breaking point! Yes it started with the banks becoming consumed with greed. This greed they tried to feed to those so desperately in need to have so much more than they ever had before.
So what kind of message has this sent to our children, what is our nation feeding them now?
Amongst many I hope you will agree, that the main ones would probably be, that if it was OK for the banks to rob our nation and that if it was OK for our politicians to steal via their expenses, then if we want to rob and steal why shouldn't we?  
As the book predicted in 2007 these revelations, are being revealed each day, 'the little crack that went unnoticed, has suddenly caused our country to almost crack up! We have all been well and truly sucked in!
 So what is the answer?
 I believe it is in the story, and as it proved to me,
'One touch from Heaven is all it takes to change your life’
As you ponder this thought I would like to leave you with another insight from the book: -
Carry on with your wicked schemes and you will pay.' 
So as the world carries on will you please pray?
Because as it is said; - ‘He who sits on the throne will spread His tent over them. Never again will they hunger, never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. For the lamb at the centre of the throne will be their shepherd. He will lead them to the springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’                      Revelations 7:15-17
 If this stirs your heart then maybe you would like more insights from, 'On Earth as it is in Heaven' by Julie Prentice, £8.99 available at Amazon or email

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Blessings from Heaven

I have always loved the week-end. A time to wind down, chill out and indulge myself with family and friends and have that wonderful lie-in!
I guess I have over-indulged myself today, as I lie in my bed, sipping my cup of tea, I felt I needed to step into what I call my secret place. I felt the Spirit stirring my mind into the recesses of my heart and soul and before I knew it I had been transported to that beautiful place once again; I laughed as I felt welcomed by the tinkling of the leaves and the gentleness of the breeze.
 As I rested my back against the tree, I heard my inner voice suddenly jump up and say, ‘Are you glad you done it then? Was it worth all the effort?’
I laughed. ‘Of course it was,’ I replied, ‘but you know that anyway.’
‘Well I still want you to tell me what happened,’ He probed, ‘Because I want to hear what is in your heart.’
I pondered, it had been quite a journey, I remember the night of that first visitation when we went up and up from the dungeons of the deep, to that place of such perfect peace. I recalled how the sunlight had seemed so incredibly bright when I had felt that book land in my lap. I had been snapped out of my reverie as my ears were filled with the sound of the words, ‘Write, just write. ’
 What could I do? It had become all consuming, so I obeyed and I wrote what, eventually, became a book. But what a blessing that has been!
I smiled as I remember Westminster, that young lady looking quite shocked when I told her I felt I should give her a copy of the book, On Earth as it is In Heaven. ‘Bless you,’ she eventually replied. Well she most certainly did, later she wrote to me, I found it so encouraging, she said she knew it had been a divine encounter; it was like reading about herself! She confessed she felt her heart was being stirred, as for some time she had felt that she should write her story too!
Then there is my cousin, I hadn’t seen her for years, not to sit down and have a real good heart to heart with anyway! Apparently she had seen the write up in the paper, and she knew she just had to read the story. Thankfully she did, and what a blessing that was! We have since spent some time having a good heart- to- heart! But what struck me as quite amazing was when she laughed and said she had attempted writing her story too! She now felt she should. Bless her she is such a kindred Spirit!
I smiled, I could go on, as I encounter different days walking along the way, fresh pastures open up and encounters unfold. A dear lady had turned to me only the other day and said, ‘Do I know you?’ It had been at a meeting, I had taken the only remaining seat next to her. ‘Oh yes, the book,’ she said before I had a chance to reply. But I knew it was another divine encounter, we chatted and eventually she confessed after reading it several times, she felt challenged to write her story too!
I sighed, I felt so blessed. I was so glad that I had made the decision to get the book published myself. I will be honest, I had not felt led to spend my time running around putting it out to all the big publishing houses, it seemed such a chore and the chances of them saying yes to somebody such as myself, I have to say, seemed somewhat slim, because to be honest I do not reside alongside the likes of the rich and the famous, who these Publishing Houses are so interested in.
 I reside alongside the Lord. My hope is in Him, my Heavenly Father. I trust in Him, He has led me to so many people who have helped me along the way. Through having faith in Him, my book has been published, everyday new blessings unfold and to know that my story has somehow helped someone along the way, well what can I say? It has given me one of the desires of my heart.   
Other inspirations can be read in ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ by Julie Prentice £8.99. Available at Amazon or email

Saturday, 18 June 2011

One of Life's Little Miracles

Saturday 4th June was a day of much celebration as my son returned home from University. He was back in the family fold but as we unpacked his clothes I discovered other things were about to unfold.
That saying, ‘life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to unwrap,’ seemed quite apt as Hubby discovered when reading through son’s graduation booklet that he had somehow forgotten to book himself into his graduation ceremony!
To say this caused a certain storm in our household would be a good description I feel. We were all so looking forward to the celebration! But then I turned and as I looked at my son’s face I felt my heart melt. He had made a mistake; we all make them from time to time don’t we?
Trying to put a brave face on it I felt there must be something we could do, but alas, when looking on the website it read ‘Booking office closed. No more bookings available,’ I thought I should probably accept what it said, even though it made my spirit sink.
‘See,’ agreed my hubby and son, ‘there is nothing to be done!’
Well I did not agree, maybe not here, but up there maybe, something could still be done. 
I looked up above, 'Heavenly Father, do something please!' I prayed.          
Several days later, as I sat at the computer my eye kept getting drawn to the graduation booklet. It was as if it was trying to tell me something. Suddenly I leapt up and before I knew it I had the phone in my hand and was ringing the Office number. It was as if someone had been behind me pushing me to do it!
If I had expected a frosty response then I was very much mistaken as within a matter of minutes of passing the phone to my son it was all sorted.
Apparently by some miracle not all the spaces had been taken-even though the website clearly stated that there were no more places available.
So here is the morale of my tale for today: -

Don't take everything in this world at face value.
In all that you endeavour to do make the effort to push through.
Somebody somewhere thinks something of you and wants to help you too.
So have a little bit of faith.
John 14:13 seemed apt to me today:-
'You may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it.'
Other inspirations can be read in ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ by Julie Prentice £8.99.  Available at Amazon or email

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Quest For True Love

April 29th 2011, I hope you will agree, was a day where dreams became reality for Kate as she married her Prince, William the future King of England.
As Great Britain watched the fairytale wedding unfold it somehow touched your heart and made you feel somehow it was still great to be part of Great Britain don’t you think? For a special moment history was in the making, Great Britain was once again a Nation that was not forgotten.
I can’t say that I’m a great royalist but as I watched all the pomp I have to admit it struck a cord and even brought a tear to my eye! I guess I’m one of those romantic souls. It reminded me of my own wedding, I felt a little bit like a princess myself that day! Yes a wedding day can, and should be one of the most wonderful days of your life. I smiled as I read the words of my Wedding Anniversary card sent from my Hubby a couple of weeks ago, ‘True Love is spending one day getting married and the rest of your life feeling glad that you did.’
How apt those words sound to me. Yes my hubby is my true love; he is the man of my dreams and the other half of me. He is the life soul and party of my life.
I smiled as I reflected over the day we first met. The day I had almost decided to give up on my quest for true love, yet something made me think back; I saw myself with my grandfather. As a small child I would love to sit on his knee and listen to a tale or two. But the tale I remembered that day was not one of his fairytales, or even one of his ghostly ones, but the tale of his great love for my grandmother. His princess, how he met her and loved her with the whole of his heart. I know she had felt the same way about him too. Not by what she said, but by how she acted, as a small child their love used to almost speak to me. It inspired me so much that I knew I wanted the same, nothing else would do!
So at the ripe old age of fifteen I started my quest for true love. At seventeen I thought I had found it but then trouble came, as it does, and my true love proved not to be. I discovered he could neither comfort, love nor even support me! So I left.
My search continued for nearly a decade, there was much heartache along the way. The saying, ‘You need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince’ suited me well.
I was about to give up on my quest when something welled up once again, in that special place that I now like to refer to as ‘my heart and my soul,’ like a voice it whispered, ‘Love conquers all. Believe it and you will receive it.’
I feel so blessed today that I kept on with my quest.
If you are reading this I believe it is no coincidence, there is a message here for you too. So whatever you are going through, don’t give up.
I have this picture on my bedroom wall. It is called ‘True Love,’ and I think it sums up the situation well. Let me share it with you:-

Love is the realization of a beautiful dream
It is the miraculous key that unlocks all doors
Love completes us and gives us vision
Where we once were blind-Love is wise
Love is patient
Love is forgiving
Love is the only truth
Love holds each heart like a fragile ornament, yet gives us strength beyond compare
Love is believing in someone beyond ourselves.
It is courage beyond adversity
Faith in the midst of doubt
Certainty when all else is unclear.
Love awakens us from slumber and frees us from the entrapment of fear
Love finds its voice in passionate whispers, silent gestures and in a language only two hearts can hear
Love is all abandonment
It knows no sense of beginning or end
It does not measure the distance of the journey
True Love lives forever.

How is your heart feeling now?
Did you feel a flutter go through it? Did something touch you?
Then I believe somebody somewhere is waiting especially for you.

Extracts have been taken from my story ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ by Julie Prentice £8.99
Available from Amazon
Or email