Monday, 17 October 2011

Fuel for Thought

I had been having one of those weeks where you feel like shouting, ‘Give me a break will you?’ You know what I mean? It had all stemmed from my car having a bit of a breakdown. To cut a long story short it had escalated so much so that by the end of the week I felt it had been treated to a complete makeover, and not the kind of person to be outdone I started to smart and think about how I would like to treat myself  to a few things too! My thoughts then took another twist and got so extravagant that I just had to switch off. Sadly some thoughts could not take place, not today anyway, or I would end up breaking the bank too and that would never do!
The week before had been so different, quite momentous (well to me anyway) I had finally finished my second book; well it isn’t really a book, more like a diary. It’s just about what I do each day and my heavenly encounters along the way. But now that I have finally finished it I haven’t a clue what to do with it! Words of advice have been, ‘it’s a bit big for one book are you sure it’s not two?’ followed by 'there are so many devotionals out there' and then another advised 'thats great, it sounds like a work book.' Heaven help me! In my quandary I felt when in doubt do nothing. ‘Doubt’ I shuddered, I don’t like that word, but I have to confess I am having second thoughts so perhaps I should just sit on it for a while. Wait until I hear ‘the Master’s voice,’ so to speak.
Then something funny happened, as I drew it to a close, the thought went through my mind that a problem shared is a problem halved, and then I felt a jolt in my Spirit as I was reminded of the word, ‘SHARE’
 I hesitated. Well I suppose I could share an extract from this so-called diary. I giggled as I read it, back then in March 2008 I had been hesitant about writing it, now I was hesitant about sharing it! Well as sharing is biblical here goes!

Day 1

I kept praying, “Lord, are you absolutely sure you want me to write this diary thing? Why on earth would people be interested in what I do each day? I really can’t see the point to all this!” I argued.
The next day I met my Christian friend for breakfast, we got chatting about this and that, as you do and she just suddenly blurted out “I think you should write down your thoughts each day. You maybe should keep some kind of journal. You shouldn’t just stop writing now your book is finished.”
I sighed, it seemed like she was answering my prayer, but if that was not enough, a couple of days later, (Mothers Day actually) as I unwrapped my daughter’s gift I got really emotional, she had given me a writing book, she had decorated the cover beautifully and inside she had written, ‘May these pages be filled with your stories and books, and also include God’s love and wisdom. That God will show you more visions for ideas and that He will always be in your heart.’  
‘Ok Lord’ I said, wiping a tear from my eye, ‘I give in! I will do it, but there is no way I am calling it a diary, we will have to call it something else.’
 I sensed the Lord laughing; it was as if He had known all along that I would do it. “Call it what you wish,” He said. “I am just happy you are continuing your mission. Just write each day, and then all will become clear. Never fear, just keep me near.”
So obviously, I obeyed and as per usual He was right. It took over a couple of weeks for me to fathom out why, but I eventually got the revelation and realized what it was all about. To tell you the truth I felt a bit bad, He was actually paying me quite a big honour.
That night I prayed, ‘Lord why are you being so nice to me? I really don’t deserve it.’
For some reason I felt He disagreed, I had the vision of Him putting that crown on my head again. As I lay snuggled under the covers I felt just like a child. As if someone was soothing me and stroking my head. Was it the angels? I felt sure a feather had just brushed my cheek. It was then I heard the sound, rather like a lullaby and it all got quite heavenly. I felt I was on a real high. I felt so loved and so precious, ‘Like I had been kissed from above.’
“Do not be anxious child,” I heard Him say, “Just follow me. My ways are simple you will see.  Just trust in me, remember what I told you.” I smiled, thanks for reminding me Lord; - 
Hold onto your thoughts they will give you a bright future.
Hold onto me I will give you the desires of your heart
I have given you the keys to unlock my kingdom
For your visions are true and will be foretold.

Day 2

Now it’s your turn. How do you feel today? Do you have something to say? Would you like to pray? Why not take a step of faith, if you are reading this then I think the Lord wants to spend time with you too. So why not add fuel to your thoughts and let your pen lead the way, see where God endeavours to take you. 
To new heights and heavenly encounters! 
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