Monday, 14 April 2014

Because He Loves me

We were drawing to the conclusion of our writers meeting; with Easter almost upon us some of the group had been away so it had transpired into quite an intimate time of telling our stories rather than writing today. We had been discussing a write up which featured a story about one of the writers in our group and mentioned an Angel encounter.
Knowing what I know now, I believe you can have divine encounters, as may some of you. But way back when I was in my twenties the thought of ‘God commanding His angels to guard us and take charge over us’, as promised in Psalm 91 seemed ludicrous. Back then I believed it was all down to me. What would be would be. God and me, well lets just say I never gave Him much thought and I felt sure the feeling was mutual. How wrong can you be?
To tell you my story, I need to take you back to almost 1980. I had been walking home alone, a stupid thing to do I was later to realize but at the time I had been fuming over a situation that I really won’t bore you with, all I will say is that I had been out for the evening and it had not gone well. In those days when I got in a temper I found it best to just leave. Let the fury revolve around in my head; don’t unleash it on anyone else. God forbid it if any one found out anything bothered me!
So there I was stomping through the shopping precinct in the dead of night when I suddenly felt this hand seize me and grab me by the throat. I remember that menacing voice so clearly. ‘Keep your mouth shut or I’ll do you some serious damage!’
What followed was like a nightmare. I don’t know if it was the fear that kicked in but I know I felt a chill run down my spine and I knew at that precise moment if I was to get out of this in one piece I had to keep calm. I felt myself shut down. I somehow had to step out of myself and pretend I was not really there. The whole situation suddenly became quite surreal. I sensed the guy got off on people’s fear, realizing this I tried to make conversation with him and within minutes he had let go of me. As I walked up the road I tried to humor him. Anything to put off the inevitable because I knew without a shadow of a doubt he was not going to just let me go!
As we continued to walk in my desperation I suddenly found myself praying, ‘Please, somebody come, please send someone so I can make a run for it.’  But nobody came and eventually after what seemed like an eternity I accepted that I was not going to get out of this. As his hands grabbed me again I felt my body tense.  ‘This is it,’ I thought.
Suddenly I felt his hand relax. ‘Wait don’t move, somebody’s coming,’ he whispered in my ear.
Did I wait?
I ran and ran and as I rounded the corner by some miracle I saw a policeman.
‘What’s your hurry young lady?’ I heard him say, ‘you rounded that corner like hell was at your heels.’
In my distressed state I just muttered, ‘Something like that,’ I was too shocked to explain; ‘I need a taxi, I want to go home,’ I stammered trying not to break down.
The policeman gave me a knowing look, but said nothing. It was as if he knew what had taken place. Then without taking his eyes off me, he made a kind of gesture with his hand and as he did so like out of nowhere, a taxi appeared.
In my relief I just opened the door and almost flew into the back seat. My only thought was to get home and it wasn’t until our house was in sight that I let my thoughts reel back over the evening. Phew! That was close. That was way too close. Thank goodness for that Policeman! Without him it could have all turned out so differently.
As I approached the front door I found myself pondering, for a Policeman he had looked kind of different, by different I don’t mean weird. It was just he had looked as if he had been from another time. His helmet had looked so large; in fact his uniform had looked like one from years gone by.
I shook my head. It must be the shock; it was making me lose the plot!
Mother nearly had a fit as my tale unfolded and next day dad called the police. Apparently I had had a very lucky escape; mine was not the first attack. But funnily enough there was no mention of any policeman on patrol that night.
Reflecting over this event now, so many years later, reminds me of that saying, ‘Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.’
 I believe in my case the Angel rushed in and rescued a fool where she should have feared to tread.
I also remember making myself a promise that day.
I may be no Angel but from now on I would be no Fool either!
Because one touch from Heaven is all it takes to change your life.

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  1. goodness Julie! I never knew about that! I had a similar experience over Eaton Park in the dark when I was a teenager. If it hadn't been for a group of boys being loud outside the park it could have turned out much worse x