Thursday, 5 December 2013

Life Lessons

We were having our writers meeting and I had been given a label from an item of clothing. The exercise was to write something about it. Looking at the tag the word ‘indigo’ jumped out at me and as I looked at the string attached to it I was struck by the colours. Red and yellow and pink and green: the colours of the rainbow.
Life has been quite colourful lately. Daughter’s departure to York to start Uni in September, I have to admit was met with trepidation, but for all my concerns I feel blessed that she has good people around her and is enjoying her course. Then in October we had Son’s trip to hospital. That was a completely different colour, but to be honest it gave us a glimpse of another side of life. It made us aware of how precious life is and as individuals when vulnerable just how precious we each are to God. Let me share;-
My son came home from work with toothache; he described it as ‘being hit round the face with a shovel’ and said he was going to bed which was very unusual for him. Dosed up with painkillers he managed to eat and sleep that night. A visit to the dentist the next day revealed a mystery, there was nothing untoward and they could not understand why he was in so much pain. To cut a long story short by the next day son’s lip looked as if he had a quadruple dose of botox: making his lip far from attractive, look more like a beak! And by now his cheeks had become quite puffy. The doctor checking his vitals said despite his appearance he seemed healthy. It must be his teeth and because of health and safety regulations suggested we revisit the dentist. I felt we were going round and round in circles! Four days later Son was in so much pain the medication given seemed to have no effect and I noticed his eyes had started to look quite bruised.
As I mother I felt his pain alongside my own anguish as to what the problem was. All that was left was to continue to pray. I felt my son was losing his faith. ‘Where is God? I can’t stand this pain anymore!’ was his anguished cry. At this I felt my resolve rise up. ‘Enough is enough! I am pulling Heaven down to Earth right now in the name of Jesus.’
Suddenly there was like a deadly hush, then a stillness filled the room with what I can only describe as peace. Peace descended upon us right there and I suddenly recalled the words ‘be still and know that I am God.’  I looked at my son; I could tell he felt it too. ‘The pain has gone’ he said. 'Praise God!' I replied.
Downstairs listening to a CD and drinking tea I suddenly heard a bit of a clatter. It was Son he was showered and dressed and said God had spoken, he was not to be a defeatist. However, I still felt unsettled, something told me this battle was not yet won and in the early hours of the morning I was proved right. The pain was back with a vengeance and I was worried Son would take too many painkillers, he had three hours to wait for his next dose which I knew to him would seem like a life time so I said I would keep him company for a while. It was then a funny thing happened, it seemed like only a few minutes had passed when my son started pleading again but in actual fact three hours had passed! Both of us were amazed!
After Son took the medication Hubby felt an urgency to get him to the hospital. We expected a long wait due to the Friday night revelers, but it proved not to be the case, yes, there was a long wait but it was filled with the elderly, apparently they couldn’t get through on the help desk! What is our country coming too?
Seven hours later much to our surprise Son was admitted. I gave a sigh of relief and as Son settled in his bed he even said, ‘You can’t put a price on your health.’
I pondered on this as we drove home. I know the enemy is out to rob and steal and to keep us away from God; obviously because God wants the complete opposite for us, He wants us to have our best life; to be happy and whole; to savour it and experience it with Him. I also believe He turns all things around for the good if we will just trust Him.
 So if I have learnt one lesson from this experience it is that life is not always predictable. It has also taught me something more about the character of our Heavenly Father; although He is always faithful He is not predictable either. He is life itself, like the different colours of the rainbow and the different facets of a diamond there are many different facets to God. As we walk through life He wants us to share and savour some of those many different colours of life together, so that He can bring out the best in us, to make our character more like His.
Because I believe it brings us closer. Heaven can come to Earth. There is nothing like being in the Presence of God.
 We need it.
 He knows it.
One touch from Heaven is all it takes to change a life.

I felt my Spirit stir and say,
‘You paint a pretty picture!’   

Yours Truly

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