Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Touch from Heaven

It is now May 2012. What a year this is turning out to be! First the event- the launch evening of our mission Beauty & Belief, what an evening, it way exceeded all my expectations! We sold all the tickets and from the feed back received everybody had a good time. What an amazing blessing!
I think we all like to feel blessed, don’t we? But this year is proving to me that blessings can come in many different disguises. Yes the Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to unfold and now I think He wants these little escapades of mine to be told.
I have to be honest; it took a real leap of faith to put on the event. As I said on the evening, Beauty & Belief started with eight girls in my living room, that’s fine, but as the ticket sales started to soar I felt my heart give not a roar but a feeling of uproar as I remembered the last time I had put on an event. It was way back in the nineties. OK it had been a different kind of beauty event, but I recall as I had stepped onto the stage at Carrow Road I suddenly felt my heart freeze and I could hardly breathe let alone speak! The outcome being that I said I would never do anything like that again!
I shook myself, ‘No good will come of having these thoughts now! The tickets are sold I am not that person anymore.  I have help from on high, I am Kingdom living and I will not be afraid,’ as I said these words I felt my heart swell. ‘Quite right my child,’ I heard my inner voice confirm, ‘and remember my promise, hold onto the promise for I never lie, I speak only truth.’
I at once felt myself relax as the peace of God that transcends all understanding began to fill my heart and my soul.
As the big day approached all seemed to be going to plan, the models dresses fitted perfectly, not a stitch needed to be sown; my daughter, bless her, had helped organize the girls and they all looked so beautiful, so dare I say it I felt myself start to relax. Now hear me right on this, rest and relaxation is a wonderful thing but something told me to have a bit of a fast and to guard my heart there may be a bit of a battle as yet. As if to confirm it as I lay in my bed that night I had such a strange vision but as the angels were there I felt there was nothing to fear.
It was a few days later that the truth of the matter began to unfold. It was evening time, I had just finished my tea when the telephone rang, I noticed it flashed ‘International’ (another caller trying to sell me something, I sighed to myself) so to be honest although I found it strange that I answered it at all, I was not in a very receptive mood. ‘Is this Julie?’ the caller anxiously asked. ‘Who wants her?’ I heard myself reply, trying to sound most business like. The voice became more persistent. ‘Are you Julie?’ she questioned me again. For some reason I heard myself reply, ‘Yes.’
It was then I got the bombshell. ‘I am your sister. I am sorry to have to tell you this, but our father has died,’ as the voice rushed on, I have to admit I found it hard to comprehend. I had never met him, this so called father of mine, but I heard myself confess that we had corresponded from time to time.  ‘Well he left me the keys to his briefcase,’ my sister explained, ‘and when I opened it I found your letters. I knew nothing about you, I am so sorry to have to tell you this.’
 It was then I felt a strange sensation, as if to say it proved that he had cared, and I felt my heart go out to this unknown sister of mine, but before I could reply she jumped in and said, ‘My heart is beating so fast because I have always wanted a big sister and now I am speaking to you. I am coming to England soon.’
It was as if our hearts had collided. ‘Then you must come and meet me and my family,’ I heard myself reply.
As I put down the phone I was reminded of the promise, and also of the letter from God TV, way back when I had finished my book, I will never forget that date,  it had been 29th February 2008;-
‘May your dreams and visions that have been revealed to you by God the Father come to fruition. May your basket always be filled with the provision of the Lord. May your hands prosper at every turn. May you grow old in grace and may God’s favour continually surround you.’
Well May is turning into quite a month. My son who was awarded his maths degree last year has been unable to get a full time job, but I have to say he has been blessed. He has had voluntary work and a paid part time job. The week before my sister’s arrival he was short listed and had a second interview for a full time job. It transpired it was between him and one other. He had to wait until after the bank holiday to hear if he had got it. I prayed for him and felt sure he would hear on Wednesday. I even told him so. Wednesday came but alas, no phone call came from this company.
However, after having a conversation with Son he told me in his disappointment he had sent his CV out to several agencies yesterday and one of them had just contacted him today (Wednesday). I patted my son’s hand; what can I say? Life is not easy for the young these days. ‘Remember God knows the plans He has for you,’ I soothed.
Thursday was the big day, the day of my sister’s arrival. As I stood on the platform of Norwich Station I just knew my life would never be the same again and so for now I will keep this adventure close to my heart. We are building a new foundation and I need to savour it
As for my Son-I believe his journey as a man has now fully begun. The agency phoned again, they had passed on his CV. The company offered him the job there and then-No interview required. In these days where the media tells us there are 100’s of people chasing one job as my mum put it, it sounds a bit funny. Well this is a world wide company. There is nothing funny about them at all and as I watched my son walk into their reception for his first day I just knew this was meant to be.
‘Thank you my Heavenly Father,’ I prayed, I feel so humble and so blessed. As the words left my mouth I was suddenly reminded of an extract from my book, it had been a time with my mother-in-law, when we had sat together in church in the spring of 2007. Let me share:-
‘The message that night had been about finding your ministry and how God would put you in the right shoes for you. As we sat listening Mum-in-law nudged me to look at the sign above the stage. It read: ‘I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.’
 She had that twinkle in her eye again, ‘That’s for you,’ she whispered. I laughed and squeezed her arm. Bless her she always made me feel happy. ‘It is,’ she said seriously, ‘wait and see, God knows.’  
I think I will sign off now. I will leave you with that pearl of wisdom from my mother-in-law. I know my mum-in-law always prayed for us. I believe my father did too even though I never knew him.
I am praying for every person who is reading this.
God sees everything
He knows you are reading this so he knows I am praying for you
God answers all prayers
Put the date down
See what happens
WHO knows?
God Bless you
Yours truly
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