Monday, 6 February 2012

The Event

I was having what I like to call an ‘at home’ day today, you know one of those days where you need to catch up on everything? I don’t know about you but with the arrival of the snow yesterday I feel like I have gone into a bit of a melt down. Last night was no exception so I just sat on the couch and watched some TV. Flicking onto the ‘catch up’ channel I noticed they had made a documentary about the Concordia. What a tragedy! I had been on a Costa cruise a few years ago; I had even mentioned our trip in my book, (On Earth as it is in Heaven) however this is a different story, the talk is more about the captain tonight. I sighed, I remembered him from our holiday. That was in 2007, back then I reckon he never envisioned himself being the main topic of conversation on sky news! ‘The price of fame’ one could say seems worth discussion today.
I pondered; the price people will pay for fame is not always fortunate. Funnily enough I had discussed this with the young girls on the beauty and belief course. The lengths that some people will go to in their quest for fame can be quite mind boggling. They somehow seem to have this vision in their heads that starving themselves is the secret of true beauty. But the truth of it sadly, looks far from it. Having a head that looks twice the size of a body that resembles a bag of bones, I do not think is any more a vision of loveliness than someone who is grossly overweight, (or ‘obese’ I think is the correct medical term). Neither sounds good, starving yourself will not make you feel any better than stuffing yourself. As a young person a lot of the time I have to confess I did not bother to feed myself properly.  As my husband in one of his reminiscing moods will laugh and remind me, ‘when I first met you there was never any food in your cupboard.’ Nowadays I have the food in my cupboard which is a blessing, but the bother I have now is the love I have for eating it!
So today I have decided I need to dedicate myself to loosing a bit of weight. Tomorrow I will start a three day detox, it is one recommended by the British heart foundation so I know it is safe and as I have done it before I know it will help me to get into shape. So from tomorrow I will eat from a smaller plate, make sure I get 2.5 hours exercise a week and 8 hours a night of sleep. As a treat I will have one snack a day but no chocolate. I have to start putting this into practice.
Why now? You may well ask. Well I have had another vision, and for it to come into fruition I need to practice what I preach. Sorry if that sounds confusing, but if you can bear with me I will share.
Since running the beauty and belief course it has been laid on my heart to put on an event. This is something else that I used to do from time to time when I had my beauty business. To be honest it is not something I feel really confident about doing, it was a lot of years ago that I done the last one, but I keep having this vision of my daughter and her friends dressed up in their prom dresses. They look all smiley and sparkly. The thought will not go away. Don’t get me wrong I know exactly who planted it there. So I prayed about it. ‘Lord if I am to do this I will need people to help me. To make this event work I will need assistance. I will need a great skincare range. I will need someone with ideas about fashion and I will definitely need some help with the music. ’  
Saturday arrived; my son is helping out with an event at Proclaimers called ‘Aspire.’  Because we have our own business Hubby and I decided to go along, we felt it might give us some fresh ideas. To cut a long story short I ended up with the idea of sending my CV off to a couple of agencies. Surprisingly, I did not have to wait long until I received a response. The lady who telephoned me feels she may have a business opportunity that could be of interest to me. It transpires she is involved in the beauty business. She has what she described as an 'amazing' range of products that she would like to show me. I had never heard of them but after receiving an email from her I discovered the company has been established for over 30 years. As the products are natural and not available on the High street I saw this as a sign she may have what I am looking for.
On Sunday I had been hosting in the welcome lounge at NFLC. We had two new people; I ended up in conversation with a young lady. I could not help but gasp when she told me that she is a dress designer and has a shop in the city so we agreed to meet within the next week, she is happy to help.
Encouraged I decided to make enquiries. I need a venue and I need a date. A place popped into my head and thoughts of my birthday too, so I gave the hotel a ring.  The lady on the phone was most helpful; she thought it sounded a great idea. I knew it was to be the month of my birthday so that just left the date. The answer came in a flash, by that I mean I kept seeing a certain number flash up from my mobile phone then again on the clock in the car and even on my computer at home.
Over the week I decided to share the vision with those I met along the way. It proved most encouraging especially at a ladies meeting on Tuesday as many said they would love to attend.
However on Sunday, travelling to NFLC I sensed there was still something missing. ‘I have a feeling I really need someone who can sing, but not just that, I need someone who will really fit in,’ I Prayed silently. Later it transpired Hubby and I got called to help out with the welcome lounge again. There was only one new person this time, another young lady; she looks around the age of my son. We had a coffee together and got chatting as to why she had come here today. It transpired she had dropped a friend off and had been meaning to visit for some time but had not got round to it. It also transpired that she is a teacher and she also sings.

I was suddenly reminded of Matthew 19 : 26 With God all things are possible
Message has been received. 
The Event
The Brook Hotel Norwich
Friday 27th April at 7.00 pm
2 course Dinner
An evening of inspiration beauty and fashion
Be the best you can be
Beauty & Belief

In aid of our mission 
Also supporting 'Posh frocks'  part of Storehouse Charity shop.
 Norwich Food Bank  
N.B.  This is a ticket only event. Please contact me for tickets via face book Julie Prentice or email 

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